Easying children's fear of the dentist.

Here are 3 quick and easy tactics for dealing with children’s dental fear, if our kids have dental anxiety we need to explore the triggers and causes of this misdirected dental dread.

  • Educate kids on why dental health is important – will they be more afraid of a dentist or a cavity creep?
  • Share our dental health successes with our kids – talk to them about our dental appointments, show them pictures, videos, and talk about the cool tools our awesome dentists use to fend off said cavity creeps.
  • Don’t talk bad about going to the dentist ourselves.

That last one will probably have more impact on the mindset of our kids when it comes to dental appointments than anything else. As all parents know, kids are very quick to point out our hypocrisy – don’t enable children’s dental fear by unknowingly communicating dental health negativity!