About Us

Dr K.Santosh Goud



About Us

SRDC is a Govt recognized centre of excellence for providing state of the art dental treatment for patients in and around Hyderabad. It was established in 2010. The motto of this state of the art Dental Centre is “Painless Precision” – which aptly describes our mission in being one of the finest Centres in India for patients to undergo dental therapy painlessly and with the highest achievable standards. We promise only the most advanced infrastructure, meticulous sterilization and expert techniques and procedures that can help patients in the best possible manner. Our doctors are encouraged to put their skill and expertise to good use when a patient presents with an issue bothering them. This has always delivered the best of results for both our doctors and our patients.


Root’s aims to provide personalized, high quality dental services by implementing latest knowledge, expert skill and advanced technology, in an ethical and a reliable environment.


For SRDC Dental growing is an essential part of our commitment with Excellency. That’s why our facilities have been improved, not only in infrastructure size but equipment to make sure the patient will have best service and attention possible. As part of this improvement, Roots Dental Clinic now has five individual rooms. Each one of them is equipped with a top of the line dental chair, giving at the same time more opportunities to our group of specialists to offer a more efficient service.